Comparing The Land Ethic Vs. The Death Of The Moth

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“The Land Ethic” vs “The Death of the Moth” “The Earth does not belong to us: We belong to the Earth”-Marlee Matlin. In Aldo Leopold’s essay, “The Land Ethic”, there are several overwhelming examples that illustrate why we as humans would believe we own the Earth when we really don’t. Paradoxically, looking at Virginia Woolf’s work, “The Death of a Moth”, one would come to believe that none of that matters because all living beings will suffer the fate of death. However, both works show that there can be a reconciliation between a certain kind of symbiosis: man vs man, land vs land, or man vs land. “The Death of a Moth” may show that all life form end eventually,but “The Land Ethic” convinces readers that there can be ways to maintain balance in the land that can prevent death or ameliorate life for all before death. In both works, we can observe the considerable similarities and differences, the balance between what is ethical and logical in how humans use the land, and the management of life and assurance of death for all life forms. “The Land Ethic” mainly focuses on how all beings should have value and respect for one another. Leopold states that the land is not only comprised of humans beings, but also other portions of the Earth; of which ranges from the soil and water to the plants and animals. “ The Olabisi 2 Death of the Moth” conveys the message that not a single being can compete with death; it focuses on death’s
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