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The article "Of the Cannibals" from Michel Eyquem de Montaigne speaks about two major problems. The first one is the problem of men telling stories subjectively instead of objectively. This problem is dealt with only in very short and there is no real solution presented in the essay. The other problem is men calling others barbarous just because they are different. The essay also deals with the word "barbarism" and what can be meant by that. Eyquem de Montaignes' thesis is that his own countrymen are not less or more barbarous than cannibals, which are still very close to nature and to the origin of life. The following excerpt of the essay will elaborate on these problems. Michel Eyquem de Montaigne was born in 1533. After a…show more content…
Michel Eyquem de Montaigne also brings other examples where things change rapidly. So, for example, a river that shifted its borders from one side to the other, or a city that his brother discovered that got buried under sand within a very short time. This excurse seems to be there to make clear that things change very fast. Then he returns to the new nation that some people call barbarous whereas he himself does not think so. Michel says that all the invention and changes to nature that humankind caused, did not make it any better, but the purity that was in it before is worth much more than human intelligence. And that is the reason why he doe not call the newly discovered nation barbarous because they are still very close to the origin of nature. In the following passage he describes the tribe a bit closer: It is a nation without traffic, letters and politics but they are free of envy and falsehood. There are no sick people amongst them and they have abundance of all sources of nature. They sleep in long buildings and make drinks of roots. The tribe spends a lot of time dancing and they have two important rules to follow: The first one is "undismaied resolution to warre" and the second one is "inviolable affection to their wives." They also have a religion which can be seen when the priests and prophets come to the town and speak to them. They prophets often
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