Off Grid Analysis

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I’m sitting on the couch, with the computer in my lap, surfing and daydreaming. My honey walks past me and says “what are you looking at? Tiny houses?” I got caught red-handed when I was supposed to be working. He sat down next to me and I showed him a very ingenious table designed for tiny living. It’s a table for four that stacks against the wall, in no more space than a sofa table would take up. How ingenious is that?
With my honey sitting next to me, I continue to click through an array of tiny living articles, with pictures of tiny homes and tips and tricks for living tiny. He’s looking at some of the pictures with me and I’m telling him what I like and don’t like about each home we look at. For example, I mention how that one is a nice
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Off the power grid, off the grocery store grid, off the car grid. There are people in what is known as the slow food movement who have chosen to grow or raise all their own food and barter using whatever abundances they have with their neighbors for anything they can’t make themselves. These people have gone off the grocery store grid. There are people who have chosen minimalism and are therefore off the consumerism grid.
For me living off the grid means living minimally and being self-sufficient, just you and the essentials. No building codes, no dependency on the power grid, no required monthly payment to the trash collection service or city sewer service. The idea of living off grid is about simplicity and making conscious choices. Challenging oneself to push the boundaries of the things we can live without, and for each of us, those things are different. My mother and I have such different needs and different means of cooking that I could live without a microwave, where she on the other hand, could live without an
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I see our community sharing more burdens and hoarding more resources. Our consumerist society doesn’t give people the chance to not spend money on things. Living off grid doesn’t mean living outside a community, like a hermit. There’s an idea of a social contract that states members of the community have consented, by the active living in the community, to surrender some of their freedoms and submit to the authority of the rule of the community. Our society’s rules about required amounts of electricity provided to a home or required building standards or required trash collection begins to cost more than what a person has, the submittal to the rule of the community has become more powerful than individual’s freedoms and too many of those individual freedoms are
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