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Ben, a child no more than the age of eight, adores his older brother James. James is in his mid-teens and is a huge fan of rap music. One of his favorites is Eminem. Ben, wanting to be as much like his brother as possible, does everything to become a complete copy of James. Ben dresses like him, eats the same food as he does, and even tries to mimic the way he walks. Ben even tries to listen to the same music that the older brother does. He asks his mom to buy one of the CDs that James has. His mother objects by telling him that the music that his brother listens to is not appropriate for someone his age. Ben, not knowing the meaning of what his mother says dismisses her comment and heads home with
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Their lyrics influence children everyday and they should be regulated in some shape or form. Overall

Young people should not have to listen to violent lyrics and vulgar music being produced by musicians and record producers. That modest warning label on the corner of the CD cover is not as effective as one would think. If the musicians would cut those offensive lyrics out of the music, young people would not have the idea of running into a school and shooting random people just to feel better about themselves. They would not get the idea to kill themselves from their favorite band. They would not be bombarded with ideas and mental pictures of raping women. Vulgar lyrics are all around in all types of music genres, from country, to rap, to rock n’ roll, to alternative. Musicians should not have to write music about drugs and alcohol, and sex, and violence to sell their albums. Violent lyrics are a major problem in today’s society. Solving this problem will be very difficult but according to American Academy of Pediatrics there are a few ways to help control the problem:

Parents are strongly encouraged to take an active role in monitoring music that their children and adolescents are exposed to and which they purchase.

Parents should join with educators and other parents in local and national coalitions to discuss the effects of music lyrics on children and adolescents.

The public, and parents

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