Offer Letter for Shannon Albright: A Case Study

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Cover Letter The enclosed is meant to display and represent what is being offered to Shannon Albright in terms of the job offer that is being extended to her. Levels of focus in clude her overall compensation package, her incentive plan and her overall benefits plan. Details surrounding each of these will also be discussed. Inclusive in all of the offerings is the fact that Ms. Albright is a graduate from an accredited university in the United States and that she has been gainfully employed for the last five years. Ms. Albright is deemed to be a good fit for the open financial accountant position in the Boston, Massachusetts office. The minutia of the job offering will be in the enclosed pages but a high-level view of those benefits and incentives/compensation will be briefly discussed on this cover page. She will be offered the standard health, dental and vision benefits as well as the basic amount of group term life, LTD/STD benefits and so forth that are offered to all employees. What will set apart this hire is the fact that CPA's are hard to come by and it is a distinction that is worth of a slightly enhanced benefits and/or pay package since the hire is fairly lucrative and the firm does not want to employee to slip away to another firm. If the employee counters with a package that is slightly better and the higher demands are still close to or within industry standards without being unseemly or out of line with the rest of the firm's employees, than the firm will

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