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What are the different uses of Electronic mail within a business firm?

Electronic mail’s primary use is to send information (letters, music etc.) quickly through the use of computers or cell phones but did you know it is very important in most businesses? It can be used for getting data to multiple destinations at a time, reminders, storage etc.

Objectives Of The Research
Two aims of this project are: * Discovering the different uses of E-mail in a business’ day-to-day activities. * To investigate how important this service is.

Functions Of The Department Selected
Two functions of the Communication Department are: * Sending out data via any available medium. * Receiving, sorting and conveying data to the
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What is the main use of E-mail in this firm? 2. Please state at least two other uses of Electronic Mail in this firm. 3. What is the main purpose of incoming Electronic Mail? 4. State an uncommon use of electronic mail. 5. Give ONE benefit of using E-mail rather than other media of communication.

Schedule Of Activities DATES | ACTIVITIES | COMMENS | August 3 | 1. Introduce objectives to employees 2. Check E-mail Records (Inbox and outbox) 3. Begin questionnaire preparation 4. Note findings | Today I introduced objectives to the employees. I checked E-mail records starting at January to determine the common uses. Then I noted my findings and began the questionnaires. | August 4 | 5. Complete questionnaires 6. Print questionnaires 7. Distribute and explain questionnaires 8. Check and note E-mail records | I completed my questionnaires and got them printed, however, I had to substitute one chosen recipient as she was unable to attend work today. I distributed all thirteen (13) questionnaires and checked and noted E-mail records again. | August 5 | 9. Recollect questionnaires 10. Do final check on E-mail records 11. Take final note on findings | I didn’t expect to recollect all the questionnaires of course. I recollected nine which was one less than needed. I was indeed frightened because I needed at least ten
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