Office Art Memo

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Office Art Memo
Rodolfo J. Nodal
Prof. R. Henry

The following essay will identify three examples of each, 19th century Impressionist and Post-Impressionist paintings and seeks to explain how these works fall into the two distinct styles.
I we will explain to my boss, who has assigned me the task of managing the art budget and selecting six works to be displayed at the new corporate office, the historical significance of each piece, a description of each piece; with images were possible, and it’s probable placement in a corporate office setting. I will also offer my thoughts as to how each piece is likely to be consistent with our corporate image. I will analyze some possible symbolisms and
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This piece would be well suited and displayed in the executive conference room as it symbolizes the conviction of innovation in a clam controlled manner in line with targets as stated in our corporate mission statement.

Impression, soleillevant
Pierre-Auguste Renoir; (1841-1919)
This piece viewed as one of Renoir’s most popular and cheerful canvases. It is known to have sold in 1923 for USD $125,000. to American collector, Duncan Phillips and recorded as the highest price paid for a painting at the time (Russell, 2008). Blending various genres, landscape, still life, and portraiture, Renoir depicts a social gathering of friends and colleagues at a favorite restaurant, the Maison Fournaise in Chatou, France. The use of light and color is nothing short of spectacular in this piece and adds to the cheerful and leisurely ambiance of the work. The composition is grounded and balance by the vertical and horizontal elements of the awning and the disbursement of the cast of members. The work is also symbolic of the changing times as a result of industrialization and the progressive rise of the Bourgeois and the charm of their social structures.
This piece would show well in any office setting but is best suited for display in the main reception area for all to enjoy as it invokes one of the main target groups of the Travel Retail industry, that of leisure time.

Le déjeuner des canotiers

Claude Monet;
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