Office Assistant Assignment

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For the last eight months I have been a student-employee at the Finch-Henry Job Corps Center in Batesville, Mississippi. Job Corps is a residential training facility funded by the United States Department of Labor and operated by MINACT, Inc. I enrolled in the program to achieve my high school diploma and skills that would help me get a good paying job. There are eight vocational trades offered at Finch-Henry. I choose the Office Assistant program because I thought it was best fit for long term goals.
One of the projects for the Office Assistant Program is research using LMI (Labor Market Information) and Internet Resources. Using these resources I was able to find information about educational requirements, duties and certifications, salary and benefits, employment predictions, and chances for advancement in the business field.
An Office Assistant should have at least an Associate’s Degree but in reality needs very little formal education. I plan to
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The Job Outlook or LMI shows that the predicted increase in the job market for an Office Assistant is 12% for the next ten years. The salary is between $19,284.00 and as much as $37, 845 a year. More can be earned with education and training. Office Assistants can work in most all businesses. I plan to seek employment in one or more of the specialized fields. I may enter the military which has many jobs in the office field. Businesses like medical offices have assistants, law offices need typist, office managers are needed, and clerks are needed in many businesses. The chance for advancement in the office is good. You have to keep up with technology, new software, and types of communications. Most office workers use smart phone and tablets to communicate. You, as an office assistant, must be aware of the latest advancements in technology and software. By doing my research, getting the right education, and working hard, I can be a successful business
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