Office Assistant Research Paper

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Why would you like to be an Office Assistant this year? I would like to play a role in the Baker West community and assist residents so that they can have the best experience possible. I think that it’s important for residents, especially new students, to feel welcome and I would like to help create that atmosphere. Working at the front desk would also be a good opportunity for me to meet more people in the building, either by working with them, assisting them, or simply by greeting people when they enter the building. This position is very customer service oriented. What is your definition of excellent service? My definition of excellent service is either providing the customer with what they need or a solution to their problem, or assisting them to the best of my ability and suggesting alternative solutions if necessary. I believe that in order to provide excellent service, one must be friendly, polite,…show more content…
The final projects included creating video presentations, websites or blog posts, and written reports. I wrote down all of my assignments, their due dates, and time periods when I could work on them. I gave items that were due first or took more time to finish higher priority while I worked on other tasks for short periods of time during breaks or after I had finished my other assignments. I tried to be productive whenever I could and limited my distractions to prevent procrastination. Having a plan for how I was going to finish all of my projects and homework helped to prevent me from becoming too stressed out and allowed me to focus on my work. I tried to complete all of my assignments to the best of my ability while making sure that I had enough time to finish everything. I was able to finish all of my assignments on time and I had time to study, so I did well in all of my classes and my
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