Office Collaboration: A Case Study

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Currently the office space is adequate to conduct day-to-day business for the assigned personnel, with four offices, a small conference room and two cubicle-working stations. These cubicles could possibly be re-arrange into four cubicles to set up or accommodate working space for other personnel. However, some of that space in the cubicles is storage for supplies (ecclesiastical items, books, etc.). The conference room supports the requirement for confidentiality and privileged communication IAW AR 165-1, and Title 10, and prevents and avoid inadvertent disclosure of privileged information. Meetings and counseling sessions are constantly conducted in the conference room. Future space allocation/consolidation: The chaplain directorate is a unique section within US Army South staff because of confidentiality and privileged communication requirements; therefore the only other sections that our office could be consolidate with are IG, EO or SJA.

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