Office Department Of Veterans Affairs

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I. Executive Summary Over the past years a problem has been brewing at the Department of Veterans Affairs that has impacted its clients. This problem has for the most part been sifting through the Department very silently and was until very recently a casual occurrence of everyday work at Veterans Affairs. I am talking, of course, on the recently discovered problem that has proven to be such scandalous and embarrassing for the Department, the rigging of veteran’s schedules for purposes not pertaining to the betterment of the services or the betterment of the veteran clients. No surprisingly this scandal has taken its toll beginning with the resignation of the head of the Department of Veterans Affairs and the firing of various high-ranking officials. But this is not the first time the Department has come under fire for inefficiency or disorganization. The recent scandal indicates that changes must be done and not just any ordinary change, but sweeping transformational adjustments to how the Department handles its clients’ needs and wishes. After all, veterans deserve better than just being used as tools for the enrichment of far-too distant public officials. This memorandum will first give a glimpse into the issue at hand and will be followed by recommendations of the courses of action that the Department heads can take to make the agencies more accountable and to make sure that it is providing quality service to its clients. To start, let us examine the problem…
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