Office Department Of Veterans Affairs

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I. Executive Summary Over the past years a problem has been brewing at the Department of Veterans Affairs that has impacted its clients. This problem has for the most part been sifting through the Department very silently and was until very recently a casual occurrence of everyday work at Veterans Affairs. I am talking, of course, on the recently discovered problem that has proven to be such scandalous and embarrassing for the Department, the rigging of veteran’s schedules for purposes not pertaining to the betterment of the services or the betterment of the veteran clients. No surprisingly this scandal has taken its toll beginning with the resignation of the head of the Department of Veterans Affairs and the firing of various …show more content…

II. Issue History 1. Statement & the Impact of the Problem The main problem is that some agencies within the Department of Veterans Affairs across the States have been rigging client schedules in an illegal fashion for different illicit, unprofessional purposes. One can only imagine the disorder that this practice causes. Not only does it wreak havoc on clients that are in need of a health care service but also provide, if not stopped, institutionalization of an illicit practice which in turn breaks down transparency and accountability. It is therefore important that policy-makers and the new heads of the Department act as quickly as possible in order to make critical short-term changes that will eventually make way for long-term goals. One major consequence of this problem is that supervisors were asking staff to alter the scheduling sheets in order to “meet” the fourteen day goal required to attend a veteran (Cohen, 2014). In other words, fourteen days is the appropriate span of time that the local agency has to call up a veteran to provide him/her with the suitable health service. Because of mounting pressures of trying to meet this goal the local agencies, seeing there were too many patients and impediments, made up unofficial lists of those patients they were going to make wait longer and only input those patients they knew could be called up within

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