Office Depot : A Competitive Advantage

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Office Depot achieves its strategy by offering products that are less expensive than its competitors. This allows Office Depot to make sales to the largest possible consumer base and yet, at the same, still differentiating itself by providing more of the problem solving, and innovativeness desired by many corporate and some retail customers. Over the past twenty five years, Office Depot has been able to enter into various global locations and develop or maintained its competitive advantage by following this strategy. In fact, this strategy has paid off well over the past several years. Office Depot consistently ranks high in terms of customer recall of office supplies and business solutions. This quantitative measurement may be used by Office Depot to quantify the Company’s growth in this area. Business Unit for Balanced Score card Office Depot operates within three business unit segments: North American Stores & Online, North American Commercial and International Operations. The business unit selected for the building the Balanced Scorecard is North American Stores & Online. This business unit focuses on building and delivering easy-to-shop retail stores and websites. This unit strives to create off-line and on-line shopping experiences marked by in-stock merchandise that is easy to find. Additionally, customers will be served by courteous and knowledgeable sales associates. Balanced Score Card Perspective Design The design of a Balanced Scorecard begins with

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