Office Depot : Operations Management

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Office Depot: Operations is the Key to Success! Organizations large or small all strive to be successful through fostering a culture of great people, great processes, great products, and great results. Typically, three main functions play into an organization, marketing, operations, and financial accountability. Marketing generates the demand through the promotion of goods and services. Operations creates the goods, handles the movement of the goods, and ensures successful final delivery of the goods or service. The financial accountability is how the organization is doing financially concerning accounts receivable and accounts payable. Of the three, operations is arguably the most important to the success of an organization and has many key components that play into this success including operations strategies, supply chain, inventory control, and cost leadership to name a few. Operations management is defined as the design, execution, and control of operations that convert resources into desired goods and services, while implementing an organizations business strategy (Business Dictionary, 2015). Office Depot Inc. is one such organization that truly understands that solid operations is the foundation to the success they have had in recent years. In this paper, I will give the history and background of Office Depot Inc. and explain why they have been able to keep such a competitive advantage in the consumer and small business supply industry. Additionally, I will

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