Office Depot Swot Analysis

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I know we were previously looking at A1 Assets for hard drive disposal but it looks like Office Depot now offers Technology Recycling Services that may save us a bit of money when compared to A1. Office Depot pricing is based upon how much you can fit in their unsealed box: Small ($5): 8"H x 15"D x 18"W (Max Weight 20lbs.) Medium ($10): 20"H x 16"D x 16"W (Max Weight 40lbs.) Large ($15): 24"H x 18"D x 18"W (Max Weight 60lbs.) We could also send off the old UPS we have and any other old technology we have. As for how the devices are disposed according to the Office Depot website: “Office Depot® will recycle the electronic products you include in this box using a mechanical process that crushes all items into raw materials e.g. glass, plastic
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