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KNOWLEDGE & UNDERSTANDING QUESTIONS Unit 221 Use Office Equipment Learner: Signature: Assessor Signature Date Outcome 1: Know about different types of office equipment and its uses 1.1 Identify the different types of equipment and their uses phones & e-mail allow people to contact you. Computers allow you to process business data, send pictures, pdf files and other files to customers, and vendors. Computers to design ads, budgets, as well as tracking and paying employees. printers and copiers to bulk create documents in the least expensive way possible. Hole punches to allow paperwork to be placed in binders or small folders easily. Answering machines to pick up missed calls. Post it notes to add…show more content…
Health and safety procedures are in place to protect anyone from injury or harm, they’re there to prevent any hazards that may come into play in the office. In order to keep yourself and your colleagues safe, the procedures should be followed. 2.5 Why is it important to keep equipment clean and hygienic? You may not be the only person having to use the equipment and it is only courtesy to keep the equipment as you found it. Equipment should be kept clean and hygienic to prevent picking up illnesses such as cold and flu, and also to keep it pleasant. A sticky desk or keyboard and a crumby desk isn’t the nicest mess to tidy up when it isn’t your own. Outcome 3: Understand how to use equipment in a way that minimises waste 3.1 Give examples of waste when using equipment] The biggest source of waste is paper, every time a letter is opened, the envelope is thrown away, and when printing goes wrong the paper is thrown away. Ink cartridges from printers and photocopiers are thrown away when empty, as are multiple pens when they run out of ink. 3.2 Give examples of ways to reduce waste There are multiple ways to reduce waste, one of them being electronically. If people have email accounts, then letters can be sent this way rather than via post. Another way is to recycle waste, although maybe this may cause the same amount
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