Office Ergonomics : A Field Of Ergonomics

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However because anthropometric measures vary among nations and ethnic groups and change over time as populations and their environmental conditions change.
As a result, the anthropometric data used in the design of the equipment used in Turkish higher education are based on anthropometric data from other countries and thus do not represent the average body measurements of the Turkish people (Kayis, 1988; Turgut et al., 2004).
2.1 ERGONOMICS AND BRANCHES Ergonomics permeates every aspect of human endeavor. As a result, various branches or concepts of Ergonomics have evolved and developed over the years. Some of the branches are:
2.1.1 Office Ergonomics Office Ergonomics is defines as the branch of ergonomics dealing specifically with the office environment. This field of ergonomic considers how key workplace elements such as workstations, computers, chairs, lighting, noise level, room temperature etc. could be tailored to fit and enhance employee health, safety and performance. Practical Solution for a Safer Workplace (2002)”
2.1.2 Macro ergonomics
This is define as a field of ergonomics that less of person specific and concentrates more on the organizational environment including the history, culture, goal and design of the environment.
The aim of this field of ergonomics is to improve productivity and enhance employee satisfaction, health and safety.
Ergonomic improvements to the work environment are primarily used to create a safer and
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