Office Management Principles Essay

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Office Management Principles
Office management is administrative work that deals with controlling, handling and maintaining all the activities and work in an office. This may involve a small or a big organization. The major objective of office management is to ensure that an organization attains its goals and objectives. The office manager is an individual who is concerned with planning, organizing and controlling all aspects of management that are within the office of an organization (Buhler, 2008). This may include coordination, preparation of records, controlling communication, supervision and overseeing all the operations within the office.
In order to ensure there is a smooth flow of all activities within the office, the administration should follow a set of rules that govern the smooth running of all activities. These rules and regulations that govern office managers are known as principles of office management (Kaplan & Norton, 1996). These are the guidelines that make a major formation of the backbone of the office to ensure that activities flow smoothly. These principles include understanding the organization, management of organizational structures, human resource and process management, procedure statement, personnel management, risk management, communication, file management, meeting management, project management, setting priorities, decision making, and ethics management (Jackson, 1997).
Understanding of the Organization
For a manager to effective and accurate,…

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