Office Of Personnel Management ( Opm )

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Background Office of Personnel Management (OPM) in June 2015 discovered two cybersecurity breach incidents that impacted information of Federal government employees and contractors. OPM discovered that the background investigation data of current, former, and future Federal employees and contractors had been stolen y hackers. OPM found that sensitive information, including the Social Security Numbers of 21 million individuals were stolen from the background investigation databases. This includes 20 million individuals that applied for a background investigation, and 2 million non-applicants, mostly spouses or co-habitants of applicants. Some records also include Reports of Investigations/Statements from interviews conducted by background investigators and approximately 7 million include fingerprints. Usernames and passwords that background investigation applicants used to fill out their background investigation forms were also stolen. To better understand the scope of the above mentioned breach allow me to describe what OPM does. According to, OPM works in several broad categories to recruit, retain and honor a world-class workforce for the American people. • OPM manages Federal job announcement postings at, and set policy on government wide hiring procedures. • OPM conducts background investigations for prospective employees and security clearances across government, with hundreds of thousands of cases each year. • OPM upholds and defends the merit
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