Office Of The Secretary Of Transportation

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Organization Structure
Office of the Secretary
Leadership of the Department of transportation is provided by the Secretary of Transportation, who is the chief advisor to the president in all matters relating to federal transportation programs. The secretary is assisted by the Deputy Secretary in this role. This office manages the formulation of national transportation policy and helps promote intermodal transportation. This office also negotiates and implements international transportation agreements, assures the fitness of US airlines, issues regulations preventing alcohol and illegal drug misuse in transportation systems and also preparing transportation legislations.
Director/ Deputy Director
Serves as the Department’s Emergency coordinator providing leadership for all Departmental civil transportation intelligence, security policy, emergency preparedness, response and recovery activities and those of federal transportation’s operating and support agencies. They also provide effective management and direction of the office of intelligence, security and emergency response staff in performance of the pragmatic functional areas of responsibility.
Intelligence Division
The intelligence Division is accountable for providing all source intelligence products to the Secretary of Transportation and his/her principal staff. It also ensures that the Department of Administration administrators are acquainted with current developments and long range trends in international terrorism,

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