Office Romance and Creating an Ethical Culture

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Janet Lever, Gail Zellman, and Stephen J. Hirschfeld, “Office Romance: Are the rules changing?” Reviewed by, Robert Nzioka, 09-0199, Feb 2010. The corporate world has for a long time been bedeviled by the issue of office romance. In addition to meeting corporate challenges, companies must effectively deal with the likely impasse posed by office romance. It is imperative that companies effectively rise up to these challenges posed by the controversies of office romance which they often view as a thorn in the flesh in order to guarantee their survival in a highly competitive environment. Lever, Zellman and Hirschfelds article “Office Romance: Are the rules changing?” is based on research done on office romance in American companies.…show more content…
Although he doesn’t suggest how organization culture is created, he remedies that, for organizations to shun unethical conducts, they must focus more on building the right culture than building an observance infrastructure for employees to adhere. He further argues that an organization culture is not supposed to be created by the leaders and posed down on employees. The article is also quite clear-cut that organizations must understand what causes misconduct and ways of measuring success of ethics. According to him, the true measure is “whether the company has made significant progress in achieving the key program outcomes-which can only be achieved by establishing the right culture” (Paragraph 14). While Gebler is right by indicating that the success of a company is measured by its ability to achieve its key programs, He is also wrong by indicating that this can only be achieved by establishing the right culture. There is more to success or achievement than culture. I agree with the author when he says that organizations must understand the stress its employees are under and how they respond. This goes hand in hand with the way managers communicate to their employees. The upshot is that employees will feel some sense of belonging. They will feel part and parcel of the organization hence low chances of

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