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People in the financial industry like accountants, financial managers, stock brokers, insurers and others understand that talking to clients on the phone is a significant part of every day's work. However, time spent on the phone can be disruptive and fragmenting. Being able to rely on someone else to field calls and route the urgent ones to you while taking messages that you can attend to later allows you to concentrate on the tasks at hand and be able to finish chunks of work without being interrupted. Whether you have a large or small company or practice, Office Sense can help by answering calls, fielding common questions, routing calls appropriately, taking messages and handling urgent calls according to the protocols that you specified. Call Routing and Transfer When all your calls are vital to your business, you want to ensure that each one is handled properly. During our initial meeting, we'll talk about exactly how you'd like your calls answered as well as how we'll route them to the proper staff. For instance, you might want all the calls from certain clients to go to your phone while other clients can be routed to other staff members depending on urgency. We'll be able to…show more content…
With all the questions a client can ask, we'll be able to handle what questions to answer, what questions to defer to certain staff members as well as make appointments and take messages, so someone can call the person back later. When you have Office Sense operators working on behalf of your company, it's like having a partner in your firm who is just as concerned with your success as you are. Call Office Sense now to find out how we can assist your financial business with its daily operations, routing calls to the right staff members or performing certain tasks based on your
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