Office Solutions Goes Green

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Sometimes an idea turned passion is a tough thing to let go. When Office Solutions' president and co-founder Bob Mairena decided it was time the company recycled its corrugated waste, there was little interest from recycling firms in the small amount the company had. If it wanted to recycle, Office Solutions would have to pay. But Mairena and his wife, co-founder and vice president Cindy Mairena, weren't content with that. So they reached out to customers in 2007, offering to collect and recycle their corrugated waste, as well. The result – two environmental awards and over 142 tons of materials each month rerouted from landfills to recycling centers. It's an effort that began in 1984 when the company first opened. Internal recycling…show more content…
The annual program, part of the California Integrated Waste Management Board, recognizes California businesses that have made outstanding efforts to reduce non-hazardous waste and send less trash to landfills. Two years in a row, the award went to Office Solutions – the first company in the office products industry to receive the honor. Perhaps it’s because of the company’s monumental efforts to encourage recycling through their own network of collections. But it’s more likely because they wrote the book on corporate environmental responsibility – literally. Mairena and company have put together a manual, complete with CDs, DVDs, and all the materials other companies need to launch their own recycling and green programs. The goal was to encourage companies to launch their own green initiatives. The program manual includes information such as finding a champion within the organization to promote and drive the program, poster templates, how-to advice on launching the program, building an awareness of the program within the company, etc. The manual is provided to all Office Solutions customers. “Whether they want to recycle the product through us or by themselves, we're there to make sure they're doing the right thing and make it easy for them.” Next for the company is the launch of a line of environmentally friendly office furniture, carrying on the consistent tone of the company's environmental practices. There's also
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