Office Space : Movie Analysis

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The movie Office Space is a film that was produced in 1999 which presents a dysfunctional corporate setting in a comedic fashion. The movie portrays the work-life of three average guys, who work at a software company called Initech. Although the movie is entertaining, it teaches us some valuable lessons in regards to organizational practices and tactics that successful organizations ought to avoid.
To briefly summarize the plot, the movie follows the main character, Peter, as he comes to the realization that he has become dreadful of his typical 9-5 job. His nonchalant attitude and lack of commitment to the company stem from the unhealthy working environment that Peter and his friends (Samir and Michael) have to endure, as well as the ineffective business practices from the top-down. Early in the movie, Peter was hypnotized one evening and he subsequently found a new meaning to life. This served as his tipping point and he decided his actions should be centered around what made him feel good. Consequently, he slowly became the individual who he kept running from all along – brutally honest and open to share his opinions. He was no longer afraid how others viewed him nor did he care that he could potentially lose his job.
The negative culture at Initech stemmed from problems/values in conflict which caused multiple ethical dilemmas. A couple of key values in conflict are: abuse of power, coupled with lack of respect and communication, along with defiance and lack of autonomy.…
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