"Office Space" Movie Review

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The organization shown in the movie (INITECH) was clearly a case of multicultural environment comprised several identities, nationalities and different religions. (E.g. Samir is an Arab Muslim) In the light of contractual relationship among employees as well as employees with their organization, we have observed several types of contracts such as psychological contract (peter with himself which after the hypnotism has been changed significantly during the story), the implicit contract between Lumbergh as the boss and concerned department in INITECH… Due to the fact that the management performance in several terms such as staffing, communication, coherence performance, positive organizational beliefs/values and constructing proper…show more content…
1-2. Space : Working space Symptoms: - Peter was totally unhappy with space shortage in his "cubic working place". He also suffered from lack of privacy and several distractions caused by noise of Milton's radio and operators continuous responses to incoming telephone calls, and eventually he destroyed the front wall of his cubic space as a sign of dissatisfaction and conflict as well. - Milton was suffered from having to change his working place all the time as Lumbergh emphasized on limiting his working space as well as changing his place even to the lowest floor level. 1-3. Things : Symptom: - Milton was very sensitive to his beloved stapler and was always concerned that someone will notice he's kept his red Swing line stapler after the company had switched to another brand, but it was only a normal stationary tool to others as well as Lumbergh who at last took it away from him. 1-4. Agreement : Symptom: - There was a difference in the perception of working agreement between Milton who considered himself as an employee getting his paycheck monthly and the company which discovered that Milton had actually been laid off five years before, but through a glitch in accounting, still continued to receive monthly paychecks. 2. Conflicts: Apparently, some of the differences mentioned above may lead to conflicts with destructive results if not paid proper attention
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