Office : Victim Services Program Director

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3. L. Latimore, Solicitor General 's Office: Victim Services Program Director
1. How do you define, talk about, and understand domestic violence (DV) /interpersonal violence (IPV)? Ms. Latimore defines domestic violence as a pattern of physical, sexual, and/or psychological abuse or the threat of abuse used to get and maintain control over another person in a domestic setting. She says intimate partner violence (IPV) is violence in an intimate relationship by one spouse or a partner onto another spouse or partner. She says that no one ever knows that their relationship is going to become abusive from the beginning, as everything seems perfect during the early stages. She further states that controlling and possessive behaviors emerge as the relationship grows. Ms. Latimore concludes that although domestic violence may not look the same in every relationship, the one thing they all have in common is, the abusive partner wants power and control over his victim.
2. What are the needs of those affected by DV?
There are a many needs that this agency thinks that African American domestic victims of Baldwin County should have, however, the victims provided a different point of view. The most reported needs victims stated that are pressing to them is a safe place to go, or resources to leave the situation. Another need is someone to talk to or to become aware of situation and just ask some questions. Some women say that offering to help them or get medical attention is great. The…
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