Officer Discretion

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The topic of this week had a few questions concerning officer discretion and the amount that officer could exhibit in the course of their job. Where does the line between officer discretion and obligation does began and end? The answer is about as clear as mud and varies depending on the interaction. After reading a post from a fellow classmate I was informed that he had the discretion to asses a warning citation in light of a teenager observed to by the officer breaking many traffic laws. He had the ability issue a warning in the event the teenager informed his father of the incident and his father gave the officer a call to verify. This was in total contrast to the traffic stop that occurred a few months prior that I witnessed. My girlfriend…show more content…
The act could by some be that the officer chose a utilitarian stance. The officer at the time was engaged in removing the angry protestor from the event to allow the event to continue. That was in fact a part of his duties to maintain order consider the safety of the candidate as it was his event. The officer may have felt that to engage the individual that threw the elbow would have allowed the protestor to escape and possibly cause harm to himself or the individual guilty of the assault. Or perhaps the officer simply felt that the situation best be handled at a later date. All or none of these considerations could have passed through the officer’s mind because he certainly was aware of the multiple television cameras as well as the cell phone cameras that were in and around the event. I don’t know whether the officer made a good decision I do know there was no riot and not addition harm to either individual and there was an arrest made after the event and the guy admitting the assault on camera as well as hinting the possibility for murder. The answer of leeway in the day to day enforcement law still is not well defined. From the conflicting statements of two experienced patrolmen to a broadcast on national television of what could be considered turning a blind eye the jury is still out. There are very few
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