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1. Background
Alibaba Group(Chinese: 阿里巴巴)has operated in Hangzhou which is a e-commerce and e-auction company and specializing in global trading. It was founded in 1999 by Ma Yun operates total six e-commerce sub-companies. Alibaba Group operate different aspects of trading tomakes it easy for anyone to buy or sell online anywhere in the world.

Sub-companies which included:
1. The web site of online auctions for customers.
2. Alipay: The web site of online payments which can process mainly payments in China.
3. Alisoft: To provide the web services to the marketplace of Chinese Small and Medium-sized Enterprise.
4. Alimama: To provide the online advertising exchange, and allows trade online
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The cost for selling is the big cost for this company. The advertisement for is the important suppliers which are the company’s supply, such as the famous websites, newspapers, and magazines, It is seems to be impossible for the firms to demand higher price special for It is because these suppliers are not a union and the price is common based on the market, the supplier bargaining power is stable and limit. The source of power over the company can be the suppliers of raw materials, labor, and services any expertise to the firm. Suppliers may refuse to work with the firm, for standard charge excessively high prices for unique resources but for

2. Buyer Power Bargaining
The customers of are common the medium and small-size firms. They don’t have the ability or don’t need to build up their own websites. These firms don’t have too many advantages to fight for lower cost and similar all the standards are decided by the because they only consult and discuss with each other B2B e-platform. The customer has the opportunity to choose the other platform and with the development of B2B websites. They will also be the opportunity to with similar for more rights. The customer can use buyer power bargain to put the company under stressing which can affects the customer's
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