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Officer fatigue
Officer fatigue can be a quite serious problem for police departments. Excess fatigue will generally reduce alertness, decrease performance and worsen mood. These symptoms can reduce officer's performance and safety with potentially life-threatening effects. Patrol officers are expected to remain alert and able to resolve complex, emotional, and potentially dangerous situations. They are expected to be able to multi-task, as well as stay alert during periods of inaction. These activities can be quite difficult for a fatigued officer to complete (Vila 1996). Community oriented policing efforts can be seriously compromised by officer fatigue with excess officer fatigue harming community-police relations (Vila & Taiji 1999).
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Moonlighting has also been linked to arrest avoidance on the job (Linn 2009). It is assumed that this is a function of the fatigue associated with additional work hours. The effect of moonlighting on arrest avoidance shows, at minimum, that job performance is suffering as a result of officer moonlighting. There is also the potentially more serious possibility that arrest avoidance is directly tied to moonlighting rather than a by-product of fatigue. This might be occurring if officers are avoiding making on the job arrests because of the interests of their off-duty clients.
Liability and officer's status while moonlighting With the many dangers of moonlighting assignments and the potential for lawsuits against the moonlighting officer the question of who is liable for paying for these events is a serious concern. While on-duty and while acting as a police officer off-duty, it seems reasonable that the agency is responsible. It is much less clear who should be responsible when a moonlighting officer injures themselves or another. The issue can be further complicated by the fact that many departments permit or even encourage moonlighting officers to wear their department-issued uniform and gun while moonlighting (Scarry 2007).
In the USA, under federal statute 42 U.S.C. Section 1983, law enforcement officers

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