Officer Safety : A Police Officer

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Officer Safety

As being a police officer becomes more and more scrutinized by the community and the media, it is difficult to find citizens to fill these positions. When a lot of what officers do day to day currently is continually watched, it makes it hard to please the community and also keep the safety of everyone, so it is ever more excruciating that officers stay safe. With our ever changing world police officers have to keep up as well to learn and adapt to how the world works to keep everyone and themselves safe. The Greeley Police department should provide more extensive training on educating officers to stay safer because it will keep officer safety a priority, create a better understanding as to why they should have body cams and dash cams, and learn to properly deal with mental health patients.

Choosing the job occupation of being a police officer inherently has its own risks and dangers that come with the title. A routine traffic is one of the many dangers that can lead to tragedy by sometimes not taking the correct precautions for the officer when dealing with a dangerous situation. One of the many options that an officer can take to be proactive in reducing these situations from going south, is actually, keeping more space between a suspect and the officer. “In the 30 years between 1985 and 2014, the trend rose slightly higher. During this period 69.7 percent of officers killed with firearms in the line of …
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