Officer Trap Research Paper

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D.A.R.E has teached me and my classmates a lot about how bad some drugs are for us and to not take them. Officer trapp is the best D.A.R.E teacher. Officer trapp has teached me how to be a better citizen to not smoke or take drugs. Here are some other things that i learned in D.A.R.E. You can't drink beer until you're 21 because your more responsible at that age. There are three ways to change the conversation 1 change it back to what you were talking about before 2 walk away and 3 give a reason. You can die if you're near someone that is smoking. About 40,000 people die from second hand smoking. If you see someone with drugs do not be near them they could ask you if you want some. If they ask you say no or just walk away. do not take any
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