Officer's For Investigation And Polygraph Services

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AGREEMENT TO PROVIDE INDEPENDENT CONTRACTOR SERVICES TO INVESTIGATION AND POLYGRAPH SERVICES (IPS) This Independent Contractor Services Agreement is entered into between IPS, LLC, a Texas Limited Liability Company (The "Company"), and an individual Certified Peace Officer (the "Contractor".) Officer’s Full Name: _____________________________ Officer’s Home Address______________________________________ Officer’s Social Security Number: __________________________________ Officer’s Date of Birth: ____________________________________ Officer’s Personal Cell Phone Number: ____________________________ Officer Home Phone Number, if any: ______________________________ Officer’s Work Phone Number:…show more content…
Agreement 1. This Agreement will become effective on the date that it is executed by all parties and will continue in effect until terminated by either party. 2. The services will be provided at the locations designated by the Company at the time of each assignment. Note: Assignment locations can change from assignment to assignment throughout the duration of the relationship. Location of Services to be provided. 3. The Contractor, by signing below, certifies that he/she is employed as a full-time Peace Officer in the State of Texas as defined by the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement (TCOLE) and that Contractor will immediately notify Company if there is any temporary or permanent change in that status AND Contractor agrees not to work any shift as a Contractor for Company if that status changes. B. Nothing in this document creates an employee/employer agreement. The parties agree and understand that Contractor is an independent contractor for all purposes and is not an employee of Company. No rights or benefits of employment apply to the relationship between the parties. The parties also agree and understand that the Contractor controls the means and methods of performance under this Agreement. Neither the Company, nor any of its representatives, has
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