Offshore Drilling Is A Massively Growing Economy

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“The best protection we have against offshore accidents is to end our dependence on oil” (NRDC blog). As drilling for oil on land slowly diminishes, offshore drilling provides some sort of a back up to that. However this creates offshore accidents and other consequences so we must find another major abundant source of energy. Offshore drilling allows the world to rely on oil on an even greater scale. Is there a reason why offshore drilling continues to be a massively growing economy? Offshore drilling allows countries to flourish, contain a safe environment underneath the ocean floor, all while increasing the world’s economy. However Offshore Drilling can put countries in debt, destroy ocean habitats, and devastate certain countries…show more content…
Offshore drilling also affects the desalinization infrastructure that we rely on greatly for every-day industrial and consumer purposes, excluding for drinking. Clearly, then, “Even a full year later it was said that 'fish and seabirds were marinating in black sludge '” (Negative Effects of Offshore Drilling). As if these damages to the environment were not devastating enough, the giant spill also caused a problem with human life. It affected human life by putting the desalinization buildings out of use, which hugely decreased the amount of water that could have been made for other useful processes to create products for human use.
One of the main issues of offshore drilling is the damaging effect that it has on our environment. “Something that many people do not know is that when oil is drilled from the ocean floor, oil is not the only thing that comes up. Mercury, arsenic, and lead are also brought up and are let back into the waters of the ocean” (Negative Effects of Offshore Drilling). At first glance, people may think that offshore drilling is just the drilling into the ocean floor to get petroleum. However, the actual process creates various complications that may lead to amplified and widespread negative effects. This is a serious problem to the sea life that inhabits those waters because all three of those chemicals can be very deadly. With bio-magnification, the ppm count these chemicals can reach high concentrations in large
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