Offshore Oi Drilling Causes Environmental Damage Essay

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Oil drilling is the process of perforating oil from the earth’s surface. This process can be dangerous. The drilling process can be harmful to nearby animal life. The process used to locate oil waves can be harmful to animal life. When the oil ascends, it brings with it a number of deadly chemicals. The chemicals released can consist of mercury and arsenic. Other substances such as lead have been known to ascend with the oil (Horton, Jennifer, 1). An oil spill is the process by which oil is mistakenly dispensed. The danger and damage an oil spill can cause is exponential. An oil spill can cause millions of dollars in damages. Oil spills are one of the worst catastrophes that happen, and they happen frequently. It has been predicted…show more content…
The animal death toll was far greater than that of the human (Clean & Energy, 1). Over four thousand animals died, and more were injured as a result of the British Petroleum oil spill (Clean & Energy, 1). Dolphins were enveloped in the oil (Clean & Energy, 1). Four hundred and six dolphins lost their lives during the eighty-seven day plague (Clean & Energy, 1). The bird population of the Gulf decreased as well (Clean & Energy, 1). Some of the birds were cloaked with oil (Clean & Energy, 1). Thousands of dead and suffering birds were seen floating in the black pools of oil (Clean & Energy, 1). Six thousand one hundred and twenty four birds died as a result of the Gulf oil spill (Clean & Energy, 1). However birds and dolphins were not the only victims (Clean & Energy, 1). The British Petroleum oil spill destroyed a portion of the sea turtle population found in the Gulf of Mexico (Clean & Energy, 1). Over five hundred sea turtles, some of them babies were affected by the spill (Clean & Energy, 1). A grand total of six hundred and nine sea turtles died as a result of the spill (Clean & Energy, 1). These are only the documented deaths (Clean & Energy, 1). The true animal death toll is estimated to be fifty times the number of deceased carcasses that were found floating, or washed up on the shore (Clean & Energy, 1). An oil spill is not the only oil related incident that can harm

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