Offshore Oil Drilling On The Environment

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Offshore Oil Drilling “If we do nothing, it doesn 't matter how we feel. And that’s exactly what oil companies are banking on: out of sight, out of mind” (Hart, 24). Petroleum is a naturally occurring oil found under deep layers of rock (“oil drilling”). Oil drilling is when a pipe penetrates through these several layers of rock in order to reach the petroleum oil underneath. This oil can then be purified or turned into gasoline for energy use. Offshore oil drilling, like its’ name describes, is specifically oil drilling on the ocean floor, away from a shore line. Offshore oil drilling provides one of the most consumed American energy resources, but also provides a risk to the environment (Crawford et al. 2&7). The United State’s…show more content…
If offshore oil drilling were to come to a stop, thousands of people would lose their jobs, and raise the unemployment rate in America. Furthermore, the profit and revenue offshore oil drilling creates would come to an end. For example, tax returns, income to land and mineral owners, and access to domestic resources would all stop. (Crawford et al. 69). With so much dependence on the revenue offshore oil drilling brings in, a stop to the offshore drilling would leave citizens, dependent on these resources and incomes, left to look for new jobs and new sources of income. Secondly, the opposition makes the argument that offshore oil drilling is a crucial part of the U.S. economy, and many Americans are dependent on the oil and gas generated from it. To start, Americans depend on the usage of oil every day (Crawford et al. 7). Not only in all transportation, but also in day to day products such as computers, sports equipment, and clothing. In fact, “The United States is the world’s largest oil consumer, accounting for 23 percent of the world consumption in 2008” (Mooney 6). Offshore drilling in U.S. territories helps the country economy become more independent. Oil is one of the top American resources, and without it the nation would be dependent on other countries for oil. Having this dependence on other nations could potentially be dangerous if they

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