Essay Offshore Outsourcing

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INTRODUCTION     3 THE HISTORY OF OUTSOURCING     4 HOW IS IT POSSIBLE?     6 WHY DO WE OUTSOURCE     10 WHO ARE WE OUTSOURCING     12 THE FUTURE OF OFFSHORE OUTSOURCING     13 CONCLUSION     16 BIBLIOGRAPHY     17 Introduction      Offshore outsourcing is not a new practice in the United States. Offshore outsourcing of information technologies services, however, is relatively new to our nation. It is a hot issue in political debates, with this being an election year. Job loss and job creation in the…show more content…
Outsourcing was not the only way low-wage foreign workers affected the work force in the 1800s. There were also millions of immigrants added to the workforce. When that many new workers were added to the labor force, of course it was not without effect on industrial wages—they were driven down. Both outsourcing and immigration affected the economy in more ways than just the cost of labor. Products were manufactured at a lower cost and thus sold for a lower price. Lower manufacturing costs benefited the companies, and the lower prices of the goods produced benefited consumers. Outsourcing Today—Offshore Outsourcing How is it Possible?      According to Philip Kotler, “Today’s economic landscape is being shaped by two powerful forces-- technology and globalization.” Offshore outsourcing is made possible by these same two factors. This is not surprising, given the history of technological advances’ effects on the economy. Advances in communications technologies and information technologies are making it possible. Several jobs can be performed at one place while reporting to another, by electronically sending the work wherever it is needed. And offshore outsourcing is having a tremendous affect on the economies of the countries
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