Often Times Ideological Conflict Arises Not Because Of Facts

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Snow Yu
Often times, ideological conflict arises not because of facts, but because of other considerations. How do the conflicts discussed this week demonstrate this? This week, we discussed the conflicts between Galileo and the church back in the day about how universe was formed. It was a scientific debate among members who believed in divine creation and many astronomers and philosophers like Galileo Galilei, and Nicolaus Copernicus. In the lecture, professor Viney talked about the shifting the origins. When we started the lecture, he talked some important things about science and church back in the day to until this day. One quote that was the main point was when he stated, "The Renaissance tensions between church and science were not a dispute about observable astronomical facts." In my opinion, we can always change our opinion to facts. We always have different opinions on many things, we never know it is true until it is proving not.
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A dispute really may be about the unseen, perhaps even unconscious, judgements and values. In this week reading assignment, we read a letter to the grand duchess from Galileo, about his scientific views supporting Copernicus as well as his biblical views. In the letter he argues that Copernican theory was not just a mathematical calculating mechanics but a physical reality. He reveal that the Bible can not alone reveal all the meaning of life and first build the duchess with an authority figure and wrote this letter to explain his self esteem to convince the people about the religion he holds. The church believed that science is going to ruin the faith, power and authority. Galileo wasn't purposely saying all these to destroy the church with the facts but he was point out the main thing of educating our self with knowledge. There were misunderstanding that just need some time for
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