Ogden Dialectical Journal

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The thought had entered his mind out of the blue, it was unwelcome at first, frowned upon, but it had burgeoned, bloomed into something detrimental. Ogden Hall was a kind natured and senile man, if it hadn’t been for that one idea that slithered its way past his cranium and poisoned his brain, like a serpent searching for its last supper and finally striking. He knew it wasn’t right, hell, he hated that he was obsessed with something so destructive and cruel, but he couldn’t help himself. He needed to do it, desperately. The life as a coast guard living in a lighthouse on a desolate coast, seems simple and easy, maybe even taskless, but for a man with a troubled mind, and an incurable fixation, existence seems like an unavoidable entropy. He gazed into the divided scene in front of him, the horizon splitting the…show more content…
Sitting in his pale and muted armchair, he twists, turns, and presses the buttons and knobs of his radio, with much determination. Ogden quickly glanced out of the window and was surprised to see rain and what looked like a storm forming. He the took a swift look at the clock on his desk. It was already six in the morning. With a sigh of defeat, once again he has to come to terms that it was another unsuccessful night. He was starting to hobble down the stairs with weary legs, ready to head to bed and sleep through the sunrise and awake at sunset, repeating his usual routine. Just as he was halfway down the spiraling wooden staircase of the lighthouse he heard a muffled, “Mayday, mayday, mayday!”. Could it be? Am I imagining this? Without skipping a beat, he bolted back up the stairs, feeling something go out in his hip, disregarding his injury, he plopped back into his worn out armchair and picked up the microphone. Trying to mask his kid like excitement, he mustered up an authoritative voice and answered back, “This is coast guard Ogden Hall, please state your emergency,
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