Ogetsuhime Facts

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According to the Kojiki “Records of Ancient Matters”, the oldest extant chronicle in Japan which narrates a mixture of mythology, historical legends, and a chronology of the early Imperial line, Ogetsuhime is the goddess of cereal, food, and silkworms. When Susano-o, a sea-god who starving to death, stopped by to ask her food, she filled him up with a lot of nice food. When he opened the door to her kitchen he saw she took the food from her eyes, mouth, and butt. “You gave me dirty food!” said Susano-o in anger and then he killed her. Silkworms were born from Ogetsuhime’s head, rice from her eyes, millet from her ears, red beans from her nose, wheats from her vagina, and soy beans from her anus. This is the start of cultivation.
I think Ogetsuhime
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