Ogilvy Case Study

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Charlotte Beers¡¦ Aspiration

With declining revenues and gloomed outlook facing Ogilvy, Beers was determined to seek a ¡§new course¡¨ to inspire client confidence and restore glory of the ¡§beleaguered¡¨ brand.

Main forces in the industry challenging Ogilvy (Robbins p644) included reduced advertising budget, growing competition, and demands for centralized global campaign (p2-3). Ogilvy¡¦s struggles with the new economy were exemplified by losing several key accounts. Also, lack of financial discipline and cost control and absence of collaboration between headquarter and local offices exacerbated the situation (p5).

Beers was tapped by WPP as an external change agent (Robbins p647) to lead Ogilvy through this critical period.
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Although Beers possesses the ability to influence a group toward achievement of a vision (Robbins p402) that ¡§anyone who heard it firsthand from Charlotte bought in (p13),¡¨ under-communication led to insufficient internal support to the vision. On the ¡§unfreezing¡¨ stage, appropriate intervention is recommended to incorporate more employees fully into the change process (Pascale, Changing the Way We Change). For instance, actively involving lower-level employees in client presentations will help them gain firsthand knowledge of the brand stewardship and positive responses from clients will inspire them to become advocates of the vision (p12, Lazarus¡¦ quote).

Certain functions harbored reservations to the change, namely creative and O&M Direct. Such resistance to change may result from individual sources such as habit and security and organizational sources such as structural inertia and limited focus of change (Robbins p647-648). To overcome resistance and achieve group conformity, Beers needs to manage both driving forces and restraining forces tactically. Instead of relying on a few missionaries (p13), a larger team should be delegated with the task because sustained transformation is not attainable when whole burden of change rested on a handful of people (Pascale).

Beers had done little in removing obstacles to the vision (Kotter). On-going tensions between WCS and local were resulted

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