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CHAPTER I EXECUTIVE SUMMARY NAME OF THE BUSINESS Oh My! Siomai! was chosen as the name of the store for some good reasons. The name is appealing to the target market we aim to cater to. Oh My! Siomai! represents a fast, reliable, and accessible impression to busy people or those who are always on the go – you eat while you go to school or to your work. Our product is different from other existing food outlets in terms of quality, cleanliness, unique taste, nutritious, healthy and affordable. LOCATION The location of the business is within the vicinity of the University Belt, which only means that we have lots of prospective customers to look up to. The store is situated at the Philippine – Japan Friendship Centre Manila Building located…show more content…
MANAGEMENT ASPECT The proponents decided to adapt a Partnership kind of organization. The store’s total investment amounts to Php300, 000, which is from the personal funds of every partner. Tax and licenses amount to a total of Php6, 370 that would begin on the second week of January. FINANCIAL ASPECT The total project cost amounts to 300,000 in which we would invest a total of Php300, 000 for the start up of the business. A projected sale of Php1, 693,260 will be realized on its first year of operation with an assumption of 3% increase per annum. LIMITATIONS OF THE PROJECT STUDY This study includes only the study of venturing up a business in a commercial space along the Ricardo Papa Street Sampaloc, Manila for siomai. Surveys were conducted on the third week of January in several students which are assumed to be the target market of the business as well as the interviews done with the existing stores particularly competitors within the vicinity of the area. CHAPTER II MARKET INFORMATION This market study is aimed at determining and analyzing the demand and supply for the product in the past and making projections of demand in the future; ascertaining its competitive position in the industry, and designing marketing program for the product. INDUSTRY BACKGROUND Dumplings are an ancient food, known to cooks in many cultures and cuisines. The ingredients (grain, meat, vegetable, fruit), serving customs (with gravy, in soup, as dessert),

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