Ohio State Essay

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College Football is one of the most popular sports in America. Every week and weekend during the fall millions of people, from all different parts of the country take time out of their days to catch a game. Whether it be the hundreds of thousands that flock to a stadium to see their favorite team play, or the large amount that watch on television from their home.While there are a ton of different schools across multiple divisions, there’s no team that compares to The Ohio State University’s football team. Ohio State has arguably one of the best football programs of all time. One place that Ohio State really outshines all other programs is in coaching. Ohio state has had the some of the most famous and legendary coaches in college football…show more content…
Ohio State’s other Heisman winners are Troy smith, Howard Cassidy, Eddie George, Vic Janowicz, and Les Horvath. Ohio State currently has thirty nine players that are on a active NFL roster which ranks very high against other collegiate teams ( NFL Players By College). Not only do they produce many NFL players, but the quality of the players that come out of Ohio State and enter the NFL is what puts them leaps and bounds above other universities. In an article by Bill Barnwell from ESPN, he states that statistically speaking Ohio State’s 2016 is the best in NFL history . The 2016 draft class produced 5 first round draft picks, with some picks as early as the third, and with three in the top ten. Overall this draft class produced twelve players which was the most of any school. Amongst these players, were some of the most productive NFL rookies the league has seen in a very long time. Joey Bosa who is a defensive end for the now Los Angeles Chargers ( formerly the San Diego Chargers) was drafted with the third pick, and ended his season winning the award for the rookie defensive player of the year. Another major star last season was running back Ezekiel Elliott. He was selected by the Dallas Cowboys with the fourth pick…show more content…
The Ohio state university and its football program have been blessed with a rich history and tradition. The traditions at Ohio State are second to none. At Ohio state football games you get to witness amazing sites, for example the dotting of the i during script Ohio. This is easily one of the most well known traditions in all of college football, or it could be the historic stadium nicknamed “ The Horseshoe”, where many great players have played for years. Ohio State's traditions make for a great atmosphere for football. They are apart of one of the greatest rivalries in all of sports. Every year they strap their pads up and face their arch rival Michigan, in a game that is highly anticipated and broadcasted all across the country. This game always produces a high energy game with a ton of excitement that every true college football fan can appreciate and loves to watch. Another great tradition that comes along with this game is the gold pants. Since 1934 everytime Ohio State defeats the Michigan Wolverines they receive a golden pants charm. This tradition was started by an Ohio State coach who had no fear of Michigan and was quoted as to saying “ They put their pants on one leg at a time, just like
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