Ohio 's Strongest Economic Industry

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Ohio’s strongest economic industry is Agribusiness. Through agriculture, Ohio farmers have rooted a connection throughout the globe in feeding and supplying resources needed in life each day. Since the 1800’s native Ohioans have relied on agriculture not only for a source of nourishment but as a means of making a living. Ohio 's original settlers, the Native Americans, supported themselves through farming. “The Indians grew corn, beans, squash, pumpkins, multi-colored Indian corn, numerous varieties of beans, including kidney beans, navy and pea beans, pinto beans, great northern marrow beans, and yellow eye beans. Ohio Indians grew many other vegetables, including turnips, cabbage, parsnips, sweet potatoes, yams, and onions and leeks” (Agriculture and Farming in Ohio). “The Europeans introduced the watermelon and muskmelon into North America in the seventeenth century, and Indians in the interior were growing these fruits within a few years” (Agriculture and Farming in Ohio). Today, there are more than seven billion people roaming earth and each and everyone, have since the beginning of time-shared one thing in common; a need for food and nutrition for survival. Ohio is a state based on agriculture and Ohioans can be thankful for that. “Agriculture is Ohio 's top industry, contributing $105 billion to Ohio 's economy with actual farm gate receipts of $9.65 billion” (The Ohio Farm Bureau). The most recent farm census in 2012 from the United States Department of

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