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1. Find attached as preceding paragraphs an assignment relating to BSBOHS501B – Participation in the Co Ordination and Maintenance of a systematic approach to OHS.

2. The report is based on Action Plans, Assumptions; and Points from a previous place of employment. My role in the company was the Warehouse Manager and Safety Officer.

Organisation, Structure, Operations and Systems

3. The organisation is a Food Processing plant, specifically processing fresh Milk into three main categories, those being;

a. Milk powder both Skimmed and Full cream, b. Cheese and Whey products: and c.
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Induction and formal training was additionally conducted by the Safety Officers.

15. The authority for decisions and actions for OH&S issues fell into distinct categories. These categories were.

t. Issues relating to breaches in Safety procedures with potential to cause injury u. Other issues relating to OH&S.

16. Every inducted employee was authorised to make decisions regarding breaches in Safety procedures with the potential to cause injury, employees were encouraged to stop machinery and cease activities that where in their opinion it was a dangerous practice or which in their opinion would result in a breach OH&S guidelines. At which point they were required to contact either their department Safety Rep or the Plant Safety Officer for clarification.

17. At Plant level all other issues relating to OH&S was the responsibility of the Safety Officer and or Plant management in his/her absence. In general terms Employees Safety /Officers/reps (HSR’s) and Plant Management were not hesitant in taking responsibility, or implementing policy. This was supported by Lost Time Injury (LTI’s) and Incident reporting over consecutive years.

Communication and Effectiveness

18. Communication was conducted at two levels these being Senior management and all other employees through a
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