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Organizational Impact Tangela Jackson OI/361 April 23, 2013 Sheryl Mitchell Organizational Impact Organizations are consistently seeking to generate or withstand its competitive advantage. Innovation tremendously influences the success of any organization. Businesses steadily must pursue an innovative method of manufacturing goods or providing services. Organizations must accomplish this with the expectation of high productivity and low operating expenses in an effort to remain profitable and competitive within its chosen industry. To meet these objectives, the organization must offer quality products and services while also integrating innovation, design, and creativity. Tangela will evaluate the impact innovation, design,…show more content…
and Lotus Engineering operate separately, jointly they have managed to set a standard for Group Lotus PLC that far exceeds its competitors. For example, other than Porsche, Lotus is the only car manufacturer that entertains an automotive engineering consultancy (Stamm, 2008, p. 172). In addition, this company does not mass produce its vehicles, instead, they manufacturer only a few vehicles to ensure quality is not compromised and to maintain the exclusivity of owning such a vehicle. According to Schroeder, Scudder, and Elm (1989), “A generally accepted definition of innovation in a manufacturing context will provide a basis for development of appropriate measures of innovation (not performance), as well as leading to methods for improving innovation (and hence performance)” (p. 1). Lotus strives to enhance the performance of its vehicles using pioneering technology. The organization encourages its employees to integrate individual and team working skills using knowledge, information, and creativity in his or her quest to develop new products (Stamm, 2008, p. 170). In developing the Lotus Elise, the organization sought to create a vehicle that did not compromise the character of prior models, yet illustrated uniqueness by maximizing on technology and inventiveness. In addition, they wanted the vehicle to be fun and affordable. In essence, the management team was forcing its employees to change his or her mindset to ensure they would open their minds

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