Oil And Gas Companies Drill For Oil

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When the oil and gas companies drill for oil, they also get a byproduct of drilling is natural gas. This gas can be used to generate power and then those power can resell as electricity; but this conversion process requires a lot of investment such as pipelines, power plants, and infrastructure. However some oil Company just sell the oil and burn the gas because it’s cheap compare to extract it, which is called gas flaring. Flaring and venting of natural gas is a wasted resource from an economic viewpoint and also responsible for polluting the environment. Every year, roughly about 140-150 billion cubic meters (bcm) of natural gas is flared into the atmosphere which account for 1% of global carbon emissions gas flaring. Gas flaring is most “commonly used during petroleum refining and chemical processing for safe disposal of waste gases during process upsets, plant start-up or shutdown and process emergencies.” (Ismail 290) Flaring started in order to ensure safe operations at production facilities as well as minimize undesirable venting.

Mitigating and replacing flaring in the production of oil and gas is of great importance as “Global flaring and venting of natural gas is a significant source of greenhouse gas emissions and airborne pollutants.”(Davoudi,7) In order to understand the impacts of flaring several studies looking at different regions around the world were considered for this paper. These include the Campeche Sound in Mexico, China, Nigeria, Brazil, and…
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