Oil And Gas Exploration From The Reservoir

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1.1 Abstract: For a period of 27 years, Frigg Field in the North Sea has offered oil and gas exploration from the reservoir. The Fridge Field is located astride the boundary that exists between Norway and United Kingdom in the North-Central part of the North Sea at a distance of 200 kms west of Haugesund, Norway (Heritier, et al., 1990). From the initial stages of the project through to the end the project was internationally shared and managed by two countries. The precise location of the project is positioned in the Viking Graben which is where the Eocene sand reservoirs are characterised. This has offered sands that are characterised with high quality and heterogeneities inside the sand that affects water incursion from colossal Eocene…show more content…
It is at an approximate distance of 364 kms South East of North East of St. Fergus Scotland (TEP, 1977). Figure 1. Frigg Field – Location (ABDN, 2012) The Frigg Field is an offshore gas condensate that bestrides both the UK and Norwegian intermediate line at latitude of 59deg 48degreeN and 60degree North at a latitude of 1degree57 'E and 2degree15 'E. With respect to Shetland Islands, the oil field is location 180 kms east and about 390 Kms North East from Aberdeen on the UK side. Further it is separated by 215 kms West North West of Stavanger and approximately 185 kms West South West of Bergen. Figure 2. North Sea basin (Tackett & Puckette, 2012) From the initial assessments around 60% of the reserves were within the Norwegian sector and the remaining of around 39.18% to Great Britain. The interested parties in the site from both the international boundaries included Total Oil Marine Ltd (representing UK) and ELF Aquitaine Group (representing Norway). Further ELF Aquitaine Norge a/s, Norsk Hydro a/s, Statoil and Total Marine Norsk a/s were involved in jointly operating the oil field (Total, n.d.). Blocks 25/1 were operated by Total and Norsk Hydro and Esso Block 30/10 by small amount and some amount of shares to BP for Block 9/5 and Ranger Oil License Block 4/26. All these were operated by the Norwegian operators. On the UK side, the block 10/1 that lies on Frigg Field 10/1, 10/7 and 9/10a were given authority to Total and ELF as a part of the license agreement
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