Oil And Gas Industry : A Canadian Necessity

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Albertan Oil: A Canadian Necessity

Alberta’s oil and gas industry is a major necessity to the economic well being of the Canadian nation as a whole. This can be clearly seen with regards to the federals governments Equalization plan in which Alberta has not received a payment since the 1960’s. Although the oil and gas industry is detrimental to the environment, it is a necessity to the life the majority of Canadians take for granted and the notion that we can simply turn off the oil spigot and turn to natural resources without detrimental economic and societal impacts is unfounded, unrealistic, and without logic.

Advocates for the end of the production of oil and gas in Northern Alberta and Saskatchewan claim that Canada could function without the oil sands (commonly referred to as “tar sands” which is improper as oil will not harder as tar will). This statement can be supported, but not without oil. Oil would have to be imported on an ever-larger scale than it currently is, requiring increased pipelines from the costal regions to more central Canadian locations. This would be seen as problematic to these environmental groups who oppose such pipeline developments. These advocates often suggest alternative methods of energy ignoring the consequences of these alternatives.

Without the oil and gas industry the federal government of Canada would be required to rework its’ equalization plan, and all Canadians as a result would see a decrease in economic prosperity even
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