Oil And Gas Production And The Effect On The Environment

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David Muhizi Mberwa Petroleum Fundamental Final Paper Fall 2015 Oil and Gas production and the Effect on the environment The aim of this report is to hypothetically evaluate how oil and gas production can affect our environment. The purpose is to recognize the issues such as pollution, water infection and soil deterioration caused by the extraction of precious fluids for both onshore and offshore production. Then identify its negative effect on the health, economy, and environment change of the planet earth. In many different countries, the production of oil and gas is the major source of prosperity. It devotes to the economy and contributes to the development in areas such as employment creation, improvement in infrastructure, enlightenment in education, alien exchange, health and many more aspects required for a growth and development of a nation. However, this same source of progress also contributes in ecological deterioration, for example, the land deterioration, disaster, explosion, water and atmospheric pollution. The contrasting stages of hydrocarbon exploitation need the utilization of diverse chemicals that will end up to be poured to our environment. The equipment is controlled and shipment may account the greenhouse effect to our planet earth. For the past twenty years, United Nations and authority of various countries throughout the world have utilized many different paths to support the global reconciliation to decrease the pollution of the ecosystem. These
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