Oil: Can We Survive Without It?

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November 24, 2011 Oil: Can We Survive Without It? Oil production and inventions of alternative energy sources have been critically analyzed from the beginning of energy production. Alternatives such as wind power, water power, and solar cells are just a few of the many alternative energy sources that will be addressed and by providing factual evidence, their potential will be illustrated. When examining these touchy topics one major question can be addressed: how reliable will alternative energy sources be once oil is gone? Further examination of topics such as the efficiency of energy alternatives, accessibility of energy alternatives, the amount of energy alternatives available, the technology needed to obtain new energy…show more content…
Since the concern of not having the right amount can no longer be considered a problem, we must now investigate the accessibility of the wide variety of alternatives energy sources. Alternative energy sources may or may not be renewable. Alternatives such as wind, solar, hydro, and thermal will always be replenishing so the problem is not accessing these alternatives but actually going out and putting in the effort to utilize these resources. All that is required of people or companies is to build the necessary equipment required to capture the designated alternative energy source. As illustrated by Berinstein, “wind power systems can be designed in many ways. Most systems include a rotor with two or three blades…and an electrical generator…” (100). People do not even have to follow a specific design; designers have the ability to design their products based on the needs of the people wanting to buy them. They can be designed for high output, land conservation or even for minimal maintenance. Also illustrated by Berinstein, “Small turbines are simpler…These systems require less maintenance, but of course, they produce less energy” (100). This specific system could have been designed for unused terrain which means it is not easily accessible for persistent maintenance checkups. Since many alternative energy sources are renewable
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