Oil Companies And Economic Power

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Argumentative Essay: Oil Companies and Economic Power
In the modern world energy has become very important since it helps drive most industrial as well as home based activities. For more than a hundred years, oil has been used to provide to this vast energy requirements. Oil companies around the world have facilitated the exploration, drilling, refinery and distribution of oil in their defined regions. The industrial part that oil companies play can be considered to be much greater than the domestic role. Oil companies produce diesel, petroleum, liquid petroleum gas and other products which are used to drive industrial machines used in production of various commodities. By this virtue, oil companies become an integral part of an economy (Marcel, Valerie, and John V. Mitchell, 98).
Oil companies operate in defined regions where oil exploration and possible drilling is done. However some companies such as Shell BP engage in international drilling and distribution of oil products. Below are some of the most renowned oil companies in their constituent continents: Africa: Sasol of South of South Africa and National Petroleum Company of Congo. In Asia some of the leading oil companies include Nobel Group and the Bahrain Oil Company. It is important to note that Asia has a lot of oil resources and hence have extensive oil drilling activities. In Europe we have Partex oil and Gas Company, in South America three is Bridas Corporation based in Argentina. North America…
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